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Thread: Different rule sets and making a campaign

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    Default Different rule sets and making a campaign


    I'm a fan of the game since it was released but new to Keeperfx. I've been playing the original version with dosbox lately (the gog version) but it's fantastic to be able to play it with the smoother engine of Keeperfx. I really want to start by thanking everyone involved with making this.

    I have a few questions though. I've looked around but I'm still a bit confused when it comes to what has actually been changed in the game, functional and balance wise. I'm sorry if these questions are already answered in other threads, but in that case I didn't find them or they were answered for earlier versions years ago.

    I'm mainly interested in playing (and making maps for) the game as close to the original as possible, but I do like bug fixes like the stat/spell bugs for high level creatures etc.

    1. There are different subfolders in the map folder which I understand are for different rule sets simply by putting maps in those folders? Like, will the game behave differently simply based on which folder the map is in?

    2. If so, how close to the original is the "classic" subfolder? Like, are creature stats and behavior as it was in vanilla DK? Is the enemy keeper AI the same as in DD?

    3. How do I make a new campaign?

    Again sorry if I missed some obvious way to find answers to these questions!

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    1. yes, if you put your level in the subfolder, e.g. Standart, you can find your level in freeplay mode under Standart with the Standart rulebook.

    2. For a campaign like the OG you should use the Classic ruleset.
    The creature stats are almost the same, but not 100%.
    because of the way Keeperfx works.
    The behaviour is still the same
    But the AI has improved a lot in KFX and has become harder compared to OG.
    But you can easily customize the AI for your campaign.

    3. here you can find general resources for level making:

    And here you will find a guide to creating campaigns:

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    Default Re: Different rule sets and making a campaign

    To add to what was already said above,... classic does indeed sound like what you want. The changes made to classic are almost all there just to compensate for the fixes. If we did just fixes without re-balancing for the differences those fixes would have made, reapers would be unstoppable monsters eating avatars for breakfast, and a dragon with word of power would be able to kill entire armies with a single cast. So classic is there to make people feel the stats are unchanged.

    Legacy is there to most closely resemble to original game, bugs and all. Standard is for people who aren't afraid of improvements.

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    Default Re: Different rule sets and making a campaign

    Thanks for the answers!

    Just to clarify, if I make a level will it automatically play differently depending on which subfolder I put it in? If so, will the new script commands in Keeperfx work if I put in the "classic" subfolder? Also what ruleset will be used if placed in "personal"?

    And while it may have sounded like that I'm not afraid of improvements. It's just that I'm used to the game as it is, and while most people would probably agree there are a lot of stuff in vanilla DK that are completely off the wall balance wise I don't think that's necessarily bad. Other peoples idea of improvement may not be the same as mine. I will definitely try the standard mode, but it's also nice to have the option of playing it closer to the original.

    With that said, I completely understand you can't fix stuff like the bugs with stats and spells for high level creatures without rebalancing the game. Even fixing small stuff like unusable trap boxes lying around the workshop or being able to dig/make rooms without clicking every single tile messes with the balance of course.

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    Yes, different mappacks and campaigns can have different rules, and the maps there in use those rules. If you make your own campaign you can make it use one of the existing rulesets, or make your own. Maps you place in personal by default have standard, but there it is prepared to make your own custom ruleset with whatever you find find.

    And yes, the options are there so people can play the way they prefer.

    New script commands are separate from the config folders. Each map in any folder could use the new commands, provided you add a `LEVEL_VERSION(1)` script entry to the script.

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    Default Re: Different rule sets and making a campaign

    Thanks again! Are there any differences when it comes to creature stats between standard and classic? I compared orcs and mistresses in a map and they were identical between the two.

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    Default Re: Different rule sets and making a campaign

    yes, check \levels\classic_crtr\ to see the differences.

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    Default Re: Different rule sets and making a campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    yes, check \levels\classic_crtr\ to see the differences.
    Ok, thanks! Not a lot of differences then, and none to the actual stats (attack, defense etc).

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