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Thread: Test map for Yourmaster

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    Well, that's what it looks like for me when I use windows notepad, if I open other maps included in Keeperfx the whole scripts look like that, no spaces or anything. Still though, they seem to work. And my script works too, except for that CREATE_EFFECT_AT_POS(EFFECT_EXPLOSION_5
    ,43,190) part. But you mean that worked for you?

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    See, even in your post here, you have an extra enter between
    It did not work for me until I changed it to:
    Same with:
    Changed it to:
    But I remember somebody else who had the same problem with notepad before. If you are unwilling to install a proper replacement for notepad, and you can't fix it, try opening it with wordpad. That comes bundled with windows and it should show you the files correctly so you can identify the missing/extra enters.

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    That's so weird... I opened my script now and that error doesn't exist for me, at least not visibly. And when I did a backspace it deleted the comma before. I don't know, I haven't been making levels since the late 90's but I never had that sort of problems back then as far as I can remember. I'm not unwilling to install a replacement, I just never thought it was needed for this game, but apparently I'm wrong! Thanks

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    It's not 'this game', it's just text files that it's not displaying properly. And you're welcome, good luck.

    If you still don't see the explosion, it's because it happens after just 5 seconds, that's really fast so you have to hurry to see it. It's not an explosion that actually breaks the floor, that's `EFFECT_ERUPTION` I believe.

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    No, that was badly worded of me, of course it's not because of the game. I meant I thought I could count on a simple text editor to show spaces between letters.

    And I do see the explosion after that edit, it worked great. I'm going to do something with that. Thanks for all your help, it's very nice of you. I have a one year old daughter and not that much time to do this stuff at the moment, it's great to get some help with troubleshooting!

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    Anytime. If you get that discord account working again the direct chat in the mapmaking channel there would probably go smoother without the delays still.

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