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Thread: New campaign project

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    Default New campaign project

    I'm a new beginner to keeper fx , i discovered it only a month ago (i mean , the fan expansion) and i started making maps. I plan to finally make a10 level campaign (seems making an actual campaign will be hard as i don't want to make mentor voices and my drawing skills to make the map png are ... meh)

    so i'm making the maps , i already made threes of them.
    I will do , probably a big cleanup and global amelioration of every level script , and balancing them as i can at the end , and for the campaign i will make the thing for the translation files.
    As i said a bit above , my final plan is to make a 10 level campaign , however i'm just not capable of making mentor voices , and probably even less the back campaign image , but i guess it's gonna be only when ill have the 10 levels.
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