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Thread: More balance in KeeperFX - Idea

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    I spent a lot of hours in DK 1 with KFX 0.5.0 and 0.4.9, the conclusions are a very long list (and changes I would make), but in my opinion it would be enough to make small changes to make the gameplay more balanced.

    The biggest problem with DK1 is that it's basically a monster factory that you drop on your opponent en masse.
    And that's where the fundamental problem comes in, I'm writing this with an example, fighting 3 or more teams, if you beat "Yellow" team, the third team (Green), rises in levels so quickly that for basic and intermediate players there's no way to beat them when they attack.

    I have a lot of ideas for changes to the game, but the following would give more fun to the game:
    1. limit the development of the training room to level 7. And level 8,9 and 10 can only be gained in combat (just like in DK2).
    If such fights are too short and this is a problem, then the acceleration in points gained could be improved, such as x20.
    2. in the workshop in addition to doors and traps, raise the level for random monsters, or particular groups of monsters that we have, so that all new monsters who joined dungeon start with a level one higher (to a maximum of level 3). The process would be long, but even if my monsters die in a fight with a "Yellow" opponent, the new monsters that appear will already start with a level higher.

    Such a way would lead to a reduction in the gap between the teams, so that no Level 1 vs Level 10 monsters would fight, only Level 4 vs Level 7.
    The gap between levels in the game would be reduced, and even if I beat the "Yellow" opponent, and had a smaller number of monsters, I would still have a small chance to fight the "Green" opponent.
    Thanks for developing KeeperFX

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    Default Re: More balance in KeeperFX - Idea

    balance is map specific, and we won't touch existing maps, as for new maps, limiting trainingroom level already possible,
    that second point just sounds confusing, a lot can be done trough the script if you want to experiment, but not sure what it is you'd want to

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