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Thread: Runtime Error (Unable to initialize heap)

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    Default Runtime Error (Unable to initialize heap)

    I reformatted my computer recently and when I tried to play KeeperFX, I now get a crash a few moments into starting a game, resulting in an error shown in the attached image.

    I've read something about turning off GX mode in sound software options, but I all ready have that turned off, but crashes still occurr. I even did a fresh download/installation of FX and it also crashes.

    Anyone have any ideas what might be going wrong?
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    Default Re: Runtime Error (Unable to initialize heap)

    Yes, this seems to be your issue:
    Double or triple check you really have that sound mode disabled, and if so, you could even try with the -s command line option to see if without sound it does not crash.

    Also, please share your .log file please.

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    Default Re: Runtime Error (Unable to initialize heap)

    Going into my Asus Xonar DSX Audio Centre, I can see GX is turned off.

    Here is the log file.

    Disabling sound seems to allow the game to run just fine, but I don't want to play the game in mute and I didn't have these problems in my previous installation.
    Is there some kind of software I am missing? I have also noticed that there is no music in the game now, even when I don't have the sound muted. I have it said to use music files over a CD. I remember getting the previous installation to have music.

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    Default Re: Runtime Error (Unable to initialize heap)

    it's green right? doesn't that mean turned on?

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    Default Re: Runtime Error (Unable to initialize heap)

    Oh yeah, you are right. You see, the text at the centre of the button lights up white when it is turned off, and goes dark when it is turned on, so I had mistaken the on state for the off state. The game seems to work normally now.
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    Default Re: Runtime Error (Unable to initialize heap)

    Of course I did not mean for you to play mute, but if without sound it worked we would have had confirmation it is indeed the problem we thought it was.

    Music needs to be enabled, in the keeperfx/music folder is a readme file that explains all the steps.

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    Default Re: Runtime Error (Unable to initialize heap)

    Well anyway, thanks for the assistance Guys.

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