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Thread: New Creatures/ Suggestions for the future

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    Default New Creatures/ Suggestions for the future


    I've already created some new creatures that I want to introduce here.
    Most are either seen as "Elements Monsters" or are based on the fantasy that a "floating spirit" has taken over these objects. A bit of imagination is part of it.
    Most of these are also only good as enemies, best as player_good. Only with a few I plan that they can be attracted by the entrance. For example: Giant Worm, Demon Insect, Torturer.

    Here I present my new creatures and the community creatures:

    New Community Creatures:
    - Druid
    - Time Mage
    - Matchstick Man

    New Creatures:
    - Spawn Ball
    - Lizard Ball
    - Fairy Dust
    - Fern Monster
    - Fire Monster
    - Ice Monster
    - Giant Worm
    - Giant Eye
    - Lightning Monster
    - Mushroom Monster
    - Stone Monster
    - Chicken
    - Soul Flame
    - Water Ghost
    - Demon Insect
    - Torturer
    - Tendril
    - Crystal Monster
    - Poison Gas Monster
    - Slime Monster

    New Rigid Creatures:
    - Honeycomb
    - Dung Heap
    - Spider Nest
    - Giant Worm Brood
    - Open Coffin
    - Gravestone
    - Tendril rigid
    - Icicle
    - Actec Statue
    - Training Post
    - Workshop Machine

    New Rigid Boss Creatures:
    - Diamond Dragon
    - Bonepile

    New Boss Creatures:
    - Rune Crystal Monster
    - Undead Dwarf
    - Undead Golden Knight
    - Undead Dark Knight
    - Undead Skull Pillar
    - Nasty Hand

    Here is a map where Giant Worm and Demon Insect come from Entrance:

    Here is a map with Giant Worm, Giant Worm Brood, Tendril rigid, Crystal Monster as enemies:

    This thread should be used for everyone to give their suggestions for creatures in the future.
    Here are my suggestions for the future with new sprits:

    - little Swarm of Bees
    - Bee
    - Ant
    - Big Chicken
    - Slug
    - Flower
    - Tree
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