Few weeks ago I got my hand on this dead online Chinese game called Dungeon Keeper Online made by NetDragon. Some of you might already know about it. The game is long dead. The servers running the game were shut down in 2013. A year after the game got into open beta.
For the past week me and a few other people were digging through the game files trying to find anything that could give us any info about what the game does exactly when you try to run it. But so far we did not find anything. We want to try to get the game loaded into a map. But we lack the programming skills to do that or to even properly decompile the files to see the code. I came here to ask if anyone can help us with getting the game to run or reverse engineer the exe files to see the code. Of course I know how mmo games work and that if we get it to load into a map, no doubt that the npcs would not spawn and that it will be buggy. But forcing a map to load would be the first step. Then it could be worked on to fix the bugs, etc. I'm sure there has to be a way to force load a map.

Game download: https://cdndownload.99.com/dxc/20130...239_client.exe

Game update download: