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Thread: No-CD Crack for Keeper95/D3D?

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    Default No-CD Crack for Keeper95/D3D?

    Hi, I was wondering if there existed any sort of no-cd cracks for any of the Windows executables for Dungeon Keeper. I know that there are better options like KeeperFX and such, but I would like to find a way to get all the legacy executables working on modern windows without having to mount a CD image. Does there exist any workarounds for playing these games without a CD?

    EDIT: Found the solution!! Just had to change the install path in keeper.cfg and it worked!
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    Default Re: No-CD Crack for Keeper95/D3D?

    Noone replied to my guy here? Yes it is very possible by either installing Keeper FX or copying all the folders from your CD\KEEPER folder to your harddrive. Beside the WININSTAL and DOSINSTALL. After that you have to edit the cfg file.

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