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Thread: Problem with the map

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    Question Problem with the map

    When I hover over a certain part of the map (not just the one in the video), the game crashes. A video, map and a text file with an error report are attached.
    I have attached a text file that will appear after the game crashes along the path: Windows (C)/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/WER/ReportArchive
    I also attached a video showing what the problem is.
    Note: I have the GOG version of dk2 with the unofficial 1.73 patch. In terms of PC, I have Win11 64-bit, Ryzen 7, AMD Radeon Graphics, 16 GB RAM

    Edited: Already the 5th map with such a problem, I tried to reduce the number of traps, creatures, doors, but when you hover over a certain part of the map, the game crashes.

    (I used a translator so the text may be incorrect)
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