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    Default Custom Creature : Dark Fairy

    I present you the Dark Fairy, a mixture of the Dark Mistress and the Fairy, with some attributes of the Vampire.

    Some relevant stats at level 1 :

    Health: 550
    Strength: 35
    Armour: 30
    Dexterity: 60
    Defence: 55
    Luck: 35

    The Dark Fairy, a flying creature, is attracted by Scavenger with at least 9 slabs. Her primary role is to Fight like the Dark Mistress, her secondaries jobs are to Research and use the Scavenger. Unlike the Fairy she can also Manufacture at the Workshop, however she isn't very good at it. She moves slower than the Fairy, her base speed being set to 48.

    When she's angry the Dark Fairy will attempt to kill others creatures and may persuade others creatures. The Fairy is her Lair enemy.

    Her powers are Poison Cloud (Lv2), Drain (Lv3), Heal (Lv5), Rebound (Lv6), Slow (Lv7), Disease (Lv9) and Teleport (Lv10).

    Like the Vampire she's immune to Poison Cloud, can see invisible creature and gain the Rebirth ability at level 5.

    The lack of Speed and Lightning make the Dark Fairy seems to be a weak unit compared to the Dark Mistress or the Fairy but thanks to Rebirth she has more sustainability and is able to detect invisible creatures and inflict Disease to enemy troups.

    Download it here :

    Follow the instruction on readme.txt

    I hope you will enjoy using her in your own game.

    EDIT: updated link, if you downloaded before 04/21 there is a typo error into dark_fairy.cfg at the line "SecondaryJobs = RESEARCH SCAVENGER" :
    Replace "SCAVENGER" with "SCAVENGE". If you downloaded after 04/21 then you don't have anything to do. Enjoy!
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