Survival Games.


"A mischievous Dark God has invited you to participate in his favorite game where only the strongest Keeper can claim victory. With his power the stats and abilities of creatures and heroes are randomized. Be smart and identify what will be your best assets to win. You have 15 minutes to prepare before the Dark God starts sending his minions to destroy everything in their path."

  • Nearly endless gameplay with increasingly stronger waves of creatures as the game progresses.
  • A new room has been added, will you find out all its effect?
  • Custom traps, a dozen of traps to discover and to play with.
  • Randomizer included, most minions have their stats and instances randomized.
  • Creatures' pool and availability are also randomized.
  • Extra modes (see below).

Extra Modes:
At any time you can enable certain modes that may change the way the map will be played, these modes are:
  • Conquest Mode: Open pathways between all the Keepers (you need Destroy Walls to access them), also spawn an Avatar for each Keeper.
  • Foolish Mode: Add Horned Reaper, Knight, Avatar, Bug, Fly and Spider to the pool.
  • Impossible Mode: Set the difficulty tier to maximum.
  • No Mercy Mode: Set stun chance to 0, which prevents imprisonment.
Beware once enabled you can't disable them!

Author's Tips:
  • Look at both your Portal to claim the neutral and get them to research.
  • Build a Workshop 7x7 as soon as possible and place as many traps as you can.
  • Don't train all at once, your economy depends on the Workshop and the gold dropped.

Pick your version:
Two different versions of the same map are available, the package map00888_final is the main download as this is the intended way to play, the other package map00888_alt does not randomize minion stats and instances, for players who don't like the random things and/or prefer to play with their own modifications. However, note that some changes are still applied like primary and secondary jobs to not jeopardize the computer player (all minions will Fight/Explore/Train/Guard). Also note that this alternative version has not been tested as much so the game could be way more difficult.

Installation Intructions
Pick a version and extract the archive, place the files into levels/standard folder. /!\ Do not extract or delete the archive that is inside the package you downloaded. /!\

Make sure to have at least Alpha 3397, otherwise some feature may not work correctly.