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    Post The Last Keeper

    The Last Keeper

    Stretched the map in time as much as possible) so first you have to kill the princes, the lord, and then the king

    All the other 4 keepers who were your allies before were killed and next to them were located posts and gates heroes, but in gold you will not need it on the map enough (there is a gem vein).

    In order to gain creatures you have to restore the destroyed rooms, portals are destroyed so take care of your creatures

    There are 3 fireflies on the map, but what to do with them think for yourself
    So you can get the lair of heroes, also think for yourself

    I advise to gain 5-6 monks and not to hurry with a breakthrough to the lord

    Map is not very difficult considering that the heroes will not put pressure on you from the very beginning and the creatures of a sufficiently high level the more that there are many magical items

    Vampires should walk on water, but sometimes they still get damage from it

    Good luck keeper!

    Download Link:
    Or if the link does not work the map is attached to the post

    1.1 The rooms are more "grouped" as well as a reduced number of guard rooms. But I advise you to sell the guardrooms, because they are still in the sum of the other rooms quite a lot.
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    I like your map very much, but I ran into a problem. DKII has a limit of 100 rooms. If you have more rooms, you can still play, but you can no longer load the saved game. Since you already have more than 50 of the guard rooms, that's pretty tight, because you can also conquer other rooms and build them yourself. Of course, as I did, you could sell the many guard rooms, but not every player knows the limitation and the problem associated with it.

    Therefore my suggestion: remove a few of the guard rooms or connect them, so that the many very small rooms become fewer, but larger rooms. With the 100 rooms limit, it doesn't matter how big a room is. 5x5 is the same as 20x20 or even 1x1. No matter how big the rooms are: It all counts as ONE room. Even bridges are rooms. The destroyed rooms, which are partly separated, theoretically also increase the problem, but that's not so bad, because you will normally expand them anyway, so that you can actually use these rooms. The big problem is clearly the guard rooms.

    In conclusion, I would like to say: please more of this!

    Informations about the bug:
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    You just solved the problem of my 5 previous maps
    I kept crashing the game when hovering over a certain part and that's probably the problem, I'll probably fix that map tomorrow morning and try to poke around the others and get them to work.

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    I'm happy to help when I can. I am already waiting to see your maps.

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    A large map that is not too difficult. Quite an interesting design. Even the puzzles are there ) couldn't open the pass to the horny.
    Thanks for the map!

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