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    Post Lava Apocalypse

    Lava Apocalypse

    Initially you have no rooms or spells only two goblins, your task is to kill the blue keeper who is very carefully guarded.
    Your task is to kill the princes and capture the magical places to get to the lord.
    There are also items scattered around the map (Temple Candlestick), which you must put in the room next to the Lord to kill him, after killing him the door to the blue keeper will open.
    On the map there are a lot of secrets, such as a white imp that will open the secret on the map, but if you lose it you can not get to him anymore.
    Map is not very difficult but at times can be problematic.
    There is a lot of lava on the map)

    Good luck Keeper!

    You can download the map here: Lava

    I'm a little confused with the action points, so if something does not work or does not work correctly be sure to write.
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    That's a good map. You are definitely excellent at drawing detailed map designs. The areas are interesting to explore, perhaps a little lacking in interactivity. I would like to see a little more portals that react to some triggers. Anyway, thanks for the map!

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