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Thread: Fancy creatures - 4 kinds of Imps from... Overlord

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    Default Fancy creatures - 4 kinds of Imps from... Overlord

    Hi Keepers,
    I was thinking about special imps and I remembered an other game with... philosophical affinity - at least- with DK : so without surprise, I speak about Overlord and its "brown/red/green/blue" minions, specialised and complementary... very near from demoniac imps...
    So I made four imp skins to import these creatures into our dungeons; usefull for funny special maps or to have a imp kind specific to a map with your own stats.
    Because the "normal" imp is already brown and because the other colors fit with the colors of the keepers, I replace the brown by a yellow one.

    Here I share all the pictures; I'm not completely satisfied by the colors (too dull and mono to me) but i'm still learning using bimp for gimp and this work is just a try of it. The brown is the most detailed color ingame, so take the imp to change his color necessary causes a loose of details, especially blue and green ; but i already spent to much time only with the blue... without blue - and without success: but i will lead that with rose and white shades next time I have a night to loose. The most important is that all the colors fit ingame (I use the palette from beginning this time) and are enough distinguishable from each other, on map and by icons, and it's ok (look the screenshot).
    They have a special torture animation : is the generic one but with strong colors for each, so it seems to have shinny imps in the torturer bag; i'm very proud of it for no reason, i like the colors. (look the other screenshot).
    The portraits have to be reworked, I almost forgotten them so there are quite dull too, but it easy to improve without automate tools, just need envy to do that instead of else.

    About the stats, i gave a lot of powers to unlock by trainning and according to the specialisation in overlord : the yellow is stronger and good worker, the red is ranged with fire attack and lava resistance but bad workers, the green are sneaky, poison resistant and go fast and the blue have no way to defend until late, but have a lot of magic help and can resurrect. See (and change) config files for details.
    With this stats, they are not balanced at all but really funny to use; a way to make them more balanced may be to "clone" the creature spells to give them a less powerfull version, and increase there health to make them more reliable.

    If i understand well, the last "special worker" in the creature list [in creature.cfg] is automatically the common worker (spawned from "create imp", on the first creature line, having the good behavior, etc... isn't it? So with adding these ones, the last is the yellow for example, you will spawn yellow with the regular keeper spell, usefull to focus a map onto a kind of imp; but not to use the four so I propose to add a "clone imp" after the yellow and to replace the regular ones by there clones with the swap creature command from creature.cfg (i didn't try the swap thing) (and don't forget to add a copy off "imp.cfg" as "clone_imp.cfg" in creaturs folder.)
    BUT... this way, the colored imps are considerated as normal creatures, with lair, salary, food, prison, torture, population count behaviors, like tunnelers dwarf so i tried to do my best with the angry and job sections, but it's not well done yet. The population count and prison/torture behaviors are the most problematic.
    There is still a problem in the stripes.json with a hell hound instead of some animations; i didn't fix cause i didn't found where is the bug, i lost a lot of time with that without success i'm sure it's stupid and easy...

    Moreover, i thought about a way to add them in a gameplay : is it possible to make a create imp spell variant to spawn... other creatures? several creatures? I didn't seen a way to do that yet.
    So I imagined an other way with... barrels. The ideas is to make an object you can use to summon special imps, placed by mapper and found by keepers during the game, so visually a barrel with a imp head on it and recolored, physically (an example in attached files). But how to make it takable by hand (to sacrifice)? or to param it as a special box? or to be activated by slap...? The object does not occur at all ingame for me (unearth sees it) so i don't move forward on that, trying all from valuable, special box, spell book etc... in objects.cfg. But nothing. So it's just blue barrel sprites for now.

    I'm not sure to keep working on that on next weeks, so i wanted to share that in this state; to raise advises and maybe tests, instead of leaving it in a dark folder. Sorry if i not answer so fast.
    And I hope you will enjoy your new imps, free to use!

    Click image for larger version. 

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