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Thread: Summer Tournament - EUW 2023

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    Default Re: Summer Tournament - EUW 2023

    We are glad to announce that after an extended time we finally completed stage 1.
    There were a lot of technical issues which made people have to replay games.
    Due to this we extended deadlines so everybody had a chance to play.
    We are sorry for the delays.

    While stage 1 was the group stage, stage 2 will be an elimination stage. These are the play-offs.

    Stage 2 will see a change in pace, and will soon be played. The players that advance are:
    - ������������ Biervampir - 6 points
    - ������������ Loobinex (YourMaster) - 6 points
    - ������������ Ancientway - 5 points
    - ������������ aeeiku (Jake) - 4 points
    - ������������ Duke Ragereaver - 4 points
    - ������������ Spatulade - 4 points

    And these are the brackets for stage 2:

    The results of both stage 1 and stage 2 can be found here:

    Most of the games of stage 1 have been streamed and VODs will SOON be available on the YouTube channel of Spatulade:

    The Play-offs (Stage 2) will be streamed by Dofi at:

    It's suggested to join the Keeper Klan discord to be notified of when the next stream starts.

    We hope you all enjoy the tournament!

    Hosted by Yani, Spatulade, Dofi

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    Default Re: Summer Tournament - EUW 2023

    So I am a bit late to this.. but it looks like the semis are still to be played?
    Are they played/streamed? if so, when? (or will it be posted here?)
    I have never watched a MP game of DK1.. but it sounds like an awesome prospect to watch.

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    Default Re: Summer Tournament - EUW 2023

    It has all stalled a bit yes. They have been streamed and videos will be made available, but this is also taking a long time.

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    Default Re: Summer Tournament - EUW 2023

    Hi all, this looks great. I played the original DK as a kid and now run a UK esports news site. Do you know if any UK or UK-based players are taking part in the tournament? I'm tempted to write something about it. Thank you and good luck with the remainder of the tournament.

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    Default Re: Summer Tournament - EUW 2023

    I do know, and yes there is Uk players in the tournament.

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    Default Re: Summer Tournament - EUW 2023

    Hey, I'm one of them, and I'm co-organiser (and I'm editing the videos as we speak). Message me on here or on Discord or something if you want to talk.

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