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Thread: [Help!?] Coop Map crashes instantly

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    Default [Help!?] Coop Map crashes instantly

    Hi Mapmakers,
    this attached map for 2 allied humans against two allied comps crashes immediately after loading - and I cannot understand why. I analyzed as much as I could, but ... nothing. My last hope is the Keeper Clan: I am desperate, can anyone here explain what I am doing wrong?

    Fal Affel

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    In case it matters: GOG-Version, "downgraded" with GIM, all Comps as Conqueror, Cmd Line: C:\GOG Games\Dungeon Keeper 2\DKII.EXE -32bitdisplay -32bittextures -nointmouse -disablegamma -32biteverything -enablebumpmapping
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    I forgot to mention: For testing purposes, you may also start the map in skirmish. Same crash, at least for me.

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    Default Re: [Help!?] Coop Map crashes instantly

    Wow, I found something crazy: It only crashes, when comps are conqueror. wtf?

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