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Thread: No keyboard input in menus in DK2

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    Default No keyboard input in menus in DK2

    Hello all, I finished the first Dungeon Keeper game last year and am now trying the next one. I bought it from GOG and the game boots and runs seemingly fine, with one major exception: Whenever I get to a part of the menu where you have to type in text, it locks up and doesn't recognize my keyboard input.

    There are two major times this happens, both of which are important. One is when I try to save a game midway through a map. I have to click on the box to name my save, but absolutely nothing happens when I do. The little blinking line under where text should be appears, but it doesn't respond to any keyboard button. No Enter, no Tab, nothing. This also locks the two buttons below until I type something, so I have no choice but to alt-tab out to exit the game. The same thing happens when I finish a map and have to enter my name in the score screen. I don't have any bluetooth devices plugged in (someone suggested this might be confusing the game) and I've done all the other troubleshooting steps in the stickied thread (updated drivers, made sure affinity is set to only CPU-0, etc.).

    Any help would be much appreciated! The game looks excellent and I'd love to start playing it as soon as possible

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    While I don't know the solution to your problem, I'd recommend learning the Quick Save and Quick Load features to get around saving issues for the time being.

    Default is Ctrl + S and Ctrl + L I believe, but you can change them in the menu like any other key.
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    Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a shot!

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