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Thread: Creature Lightning and Heal spellsl - Keeper FX ver

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    Default Creature Lightning and Heal spellsl - Keeper FX ver

    Hello there,

    First of all, thanks for all the work put into this game so far.
    I'm really enjoying the increase in fps and view depth, almost feels like a new game.

    That being said, I've noticed two changes I find bothersome:

    -- Using KeeperFX ver --

    Number one :

    Creature lightning spell damage seems really high. I think I've read somewhere in the changelog it was fixed from earlier versions. Not sure about it, since I jumped from ver 4.8.
    Anyway, I just dropped 4 dark mistresses in front of a enemy dungeon heart, the thing melts in more or less 10 seconds. And against creatures, they drop really faster than I used to observe. Mobile targets also take a lot of damage from it. 2 sped up Fairies are really hardcore now. Honestly this seems too much, considering it always was one of the best creature spell.

    Number two :

    Some creatures now use their Heal spell as soon as they take damage, or close to that. Generally Heal behavior seems changed. While that avoids the good ol' dragon lingering with missing health to no end, I'v seen really sub optimal uses of it. I'll need to play more to be sure.

    Alright, that's all ! Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Creature Lightning and Heal spellsl - Keeper FX ver

    Hi, welcome, thanks for the feedback. Some further tweaks have been made to the behavior already. The next release is coming soon, but you can try it in an Alpha version already (download those from We're trying to stick as close as possible to the original behavior there, so do you think in the latest alpha mistresses are faster in destroying a heart or other units compared to the original game?

    As for the heal spell, I believe this is now further improved in the alpha's by disconnecting 'must use heal' and 'may use heal', so try it after the tweaks, and if after that you still see suboptimal use, please be specific and I can look into it to tweak further.

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    Default Re: Creature Lightning and Heal spellsl - Keeper FX ver

    Thanks for the answer.

    So, I played with alpha build

    Creature lightning spell :

    Lower damage really noticeable, but still seems quite higher than original. I feel fights involving this spell are quicker. I just played Another Dungeon campaign, and the first level of it have lots of samurais and fairies. Things can go south real quick. It's remarkable with samurais because they're famous for heavy melee damage, and never did they hurt that much with lightning. Even when strafing in possessed mode, you take a big spanking.

    Heal creature spell :

    Warlocks, when close to full health, use heal when taking one or two slaps in training room. Was also testing Cave in spell on some fairies, they used heal at the first flower petal missing, when that thing would cures them almost completely. Not too sure in combat, but I've seen wizards drop it a bit early sometimes.

    Just a note, but Drain and Gas cloud projectile spells damage seem also higher than before.

    Hope that helps. Saw more recent alpha builds, so may not be pertinent.

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