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Thread: Linux and Wine for KeeperFX (+ Troubleshooting)

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    Default Linux and Wine for KeeperFX (+ Troubleshooting)

    In this thread we can combine some of the info for Linux and Wine users, as well as any problems that might arise and what fixed those issues.

    I am using Ubuntu, so most of this will be tailored towards Ubuntu users.

    Setting it up with wine requires no custom wine prefixes. You should just be able to run wine keeperfx and get going.

    I also made ImpLauncher so we have a Cross-Platform launcher. Be sure to give it a try as it also fixes some of the errors.

    Error: LbBullfrogMain, and a gray background for the official launcher

    You are most likely running the launcher and keeperfx with the wrong "current working directory" set.

    This often happens when executing from a different path or when using a misconfigured keeperfx.desktop file.

    The solution is to first navigate the the keeperfx directory and then run wine launcher.exe. When you get the correct launcher background you are executing from the correct working directory.

    If you are using a .desktop file, you should make sure it executes while being in the correct directory too. I currently do not have an example file for you, but will do so later. I think the correct "Dir=" variable needs to be set.

    Error: Ubuntu: X BadWindow error (KeeperFX shows a small window and closes instantly)

    X Error of failed request: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
    Major opcode of failed request: 10 (X_UnmapWindow)
    Resource id in failed request: 0x5200003
    Serial number of failed request: 190
    Current serial number in output stream: 193
    If you get an error that looks like this, it most likely means your Wine setup is wrong.

    This happened to me personally when I updated Ubuntu 22.04 to 22.10 to 23.04 and eventually to 23.10 where it broke.
    The fix was to remove my wine-jammy.sources file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder and download the wine-mantic.sources file.
    Both sources provide a Wine 8.0.2 release file, but the one for the older Ubuntu release was wrong.

    You can figure out your Ubuntu codename by running lsb_release -a

    Try reinstalling Wine but make sure your apt sources are correct.

    If this does not fix it, your Wine or X/Wayland setup could be wrong. Feel free to let me know so I can update this issue

    I manually moved the DK data files to /data but it still doesn't work

    This is actually an error that doesn't exist yet. I'll add this because this might become an issue when KeeperFX gets a native Linux build.

    For now, KeeperFX requires the data files to have lowercase names. Manually moving the files does not rename them to be lowercase.

    Wine does some magic to simulate a Windows filesystem and their filename conventions, so when using Wine this should not be an issue.

    When installing using the official launcher, these files get renamed to be lowercase. (When using ImpLauncher, manually copied uppercase files are automatically renamed as an extra fix)
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