I downloaded DK2 from GOG a few minutes ago using the offline installer (cause I don't feel like messing with GOG Galaxy) and it installed straight v1.7 (I think). I booted the game up and I was able to get to the main menu but the game looked a lot grainier and pixely then I remembered. I also noticed it was running in 768p so I tried to install GIM using the guide I found here https://keeperklan.com/threads/3417-...-Patch-for-DK2 I followed all the steps including skipping step 3 like it told me to. I went to boot the game up and it crashes when it goes to load the main menu. So I saw someone else complain of the same exact thing so I downloaded and extracted dgvoodoo and attempted to run the game again. Still crashes when loading main menu... I am sad face as I was hoping to see if GIM unlocks higher resolutions. I guess I could do the registry thing but I doubt the game would run very well if I did.