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Thread: What are the different campaigns?

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    Default What are the different campaigns?

    Hey, I'm wondering if there is a description somewhere of what the different campaigns available in KeeperFX actually entail?

    For example, what is the difference between the original campaign and new game+?

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    Default Re: What are the different campaigns?

    Bundled campaigns:


    This campaign should play out very similar to how the game played out 25 years ago, but with the worst bugs fixed.

    New Game+

    This campaign should play out like how you remembered playing it for the very first time. No tutorial, slight increase in difficulty, no transfer creature cheese, some things mixed up and levels adjusted to do what the ingame messages say they do. Very much still the original campaign though.

    Burdened Imp

    New levels, kind of resemble Deeper Dungeons a bit in style, but in a campaign format. Not too difficult.

    Undead Keeper

    Short but quite hard campaign with high quality levels, where you can only get undead units.

    Post Undead Keeper

    The sequel to Undead keeper, now you can get spiders too, but the campaign is similar in style to Undead Keeper.

    The Good Campaign

    An easy campaign where you play as the heroes. The levels are nothing special, but nothing offensive either.

    Revenge of the Lord

    A hard campaign where you play as the heroes. The levels are much more complicated and interesting, although since each level takes a long time to complete and all of the levels have the same core concept some people burn out on it before reaching the end.
    The levels are based on the 'Thug of War' concept, where the faster you push out, the fewer heroes attack you, and where the longer you turtle the more heroes will invade until you get overwhelmed. If you play one or two levels and take a break in between and you don't mind a challenge should be a great campaign.

    Assmist isle

    Very hard but very creative campaign, all levels have unique concepts to them. The first level you cannot build anything and have only imps - it's still a great level - but people often do not expect this and are turned off by it, but do note that in all the other levels you can build. A few of the levels are a bit over the top with how long heroes keep spawning, but overall a very nice campaign for experienced players.

    Twin Keepers

    Older, but still a pretty good campaign. Some levels are quite nice, others not so much. It's further down the list as it's really still waiting for a rebalance for modern times, but 15 years ago it would really be up there as one of the best campaigns.

    Ancient Keeper

    It's a love it or hate it campaign. The mapmaker was obsessed with dungeon keeper bugs and strange mechanics, and made puzzles and interesting concepts around them. KeeperFX emulates these old bugs to still make it playable, but people who do not know these bugs need a walk-through. The puzzles themselves are very smart and it can be really rewarding figuring out how to win, but then once you figured it out you may need to do that same concept 30 times in a row which is really off putting to those that dislike it.

    Post Ancient Keeper

    Same as Ancient Keeper, but still lacking ingame objectives and it's a bit harder.

    DzjeeAr 6 level campaign

    This campaign has completely changed over what the units are and what they can do, which is off-putting to many people. If you can get past that, these 6 levels are pretty decent.

    Japanese 8 map campaign

    A bit strange levels, a bit puzzle like and they could be cleaned up, but there's some interesting levels there.

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