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Thread: Set Turns/Sec having no effect

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    Default Set Turns/Sec having no effect

    On the "run options" menu I liked to be able to set a slower speed.

    Anyway the set turns per second option doesn't seem to be having any effect? I clicked the check box and tried different numbers from 10 down to 1 which should have been noticeably sluggish, right? I load my saved game and immediately notice the training room sound effects are just as fast as 20 turns/sec.

    What am I missing here, any ideas? Thanks

    Ok I found an old reddit thread that lead me to conclude it was a loaded save game that was the issue.

    I guess the saved game assigns the speed it was started with. Not what I would expect to happen! I had even tried loading a fresh map to see if the speed would be different than a saved game, but I think the flaw there was I loaded a fresh map after having tried a saved game so the speed was already set. I just went in and tried a fresh map straight from game launch and lo and behold it's SO SLOW (I had my settings extra low because I thought maybe I just wasn't noticing the difference lol)

    I wonder what happens if I save a game in a slow speed and another in a higher speed then load them after each other.
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    Default Re: Set Turns/Sec having no effect

    Yes, based on that reddit thread I already fixed this. In the latest alpha's, so in the next full version, the -fps value is not saved/loaded anymore.

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    Default Re: Set Turns/Sec having no effect

    ooh nice

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