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Thread: hELP!, AI Keepers imps wont mine gold.?

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    Default hELP!, AI Keepers imps wont mine gold.?


    having an issue with a map I made,

    i have 3 enemy keepers, but for some reason only the yellow keeper mines gold, the other 2 will not.

    creatures train etc.,

    i'm confused.

    attached a zip of the map

    keeper map


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    Default Re: hELP!, AI Keepers imps wont mine gold.?

    Your map is very onortodox, and there's so much gems, the AI simply does not know how to handle this map sorry.

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    Default Re: hELP!, AI Keepers imps wont mine gold.?

    Also the map has pathfinding issues, the imps can't handle it and will stop claiming the path after a while, I suggest you to try to simplify the maze for this reason.

    That said it's not a huge problem for the player cause you can still drop your own imp to claim the next tile but it can be annoying and well the AI keepers will not try to do that.

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