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    Default Magic Carpet help

    Hi, I am trying to access sprites from Bullfrog game Magic Carpet for some time, so far unsuccessfully.
    Since this is home of modding Dungeon Keeper that runs on newer version of the same engine that Magic Carpet does, I hope that somebody would be able to help me here.

    I have the TMAPS.dat and files that should contain ingame sprites.
    I have RNC utils and DAT/TAB Graphics extractor from I think Syndicate wars website.
    Problem is that the DAT files seems to be compressed by the RNC algorithm, but the RNC utils don't do anything. It doesn't even show any error as far as I know.
    I know that there is a way to access the sprites since Cutting room floor have some examples of ingame sprites shown.

    Can somebody help me with it?

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    Default Re: Magic Carpet help

    for magic carppet related modding I'd recommend this discord
    the dk tools indeed do not work, but it seems Tim made a tool, but best to ask there for instructions

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