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Thread: DK2 performance issues on Lutris (Ubuntu Linux)

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    Default DK2 performance issues on Lutris (Ubuntu Linux)

    Hello everyone! I am an old fan of DK2 and a forum newbie. For fun and education, I am trying to get it running on Linux. I own the GOG version of the game.

    I have Ubuntu Linux 22.04 with an nVidia 3080 Ti graphics card on 535.146.02 drivers. I have installed Lutris, and connected it to my GOG account. I have used Lutris to install DK2.

    The game will run. The game displays v1.7 and under under Direct3D settings it is using the GOG HW Patch. Resolution is 800x600. Under Lutris the executable is DKII-DX.exe

    The problem is extremely poor performance -- unplayable framerate in game and menu screens. Perhaps single-core software rendering??

    Does anyone have a fix for this problem?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: DK2 performance issues on Lutris (Ubuntu Linux)

    Okay, I'm just a Lutris n00b lol

    When installing DK2 through Lutris, choose the -Disable upstream CSMT option. This version seems to run at full speed.

    In fact, my FPS is way too high, and the dungeon scrolls too fast (along with some other problems!).

    Is there a way to cap FPS?

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