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    I just was doing my yearly play thru of DK1. I've been playing since 97, and this game is by far my favorite and a great pastime. I used to play the old version of KeeperFX, probably 5 years old at this point, and I lost it. So i found the new version, with new game+. Wow you guys really woke this game up haha! I had my ass handed to me so many times, had to change strategies, and really have to play fast and aggressive. Tulipscent almost drove me insane! Almost a whole week on that one, and about 35-40 attempts. I just beat Skybird, and let me tell you, that was hard! Outstanding job guys, the game runs smooth, the AI seems to be way better than the original and made this quite a challenge. Cheers to the dev's!

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    Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you figured out a different play style with this, more proactive play should work on all these levels just fine still and will help you navigate the harder maps.
    You could look into the standard folder for some bundled maps too, leave the top 6 maps there and Frozen Legion for later as they are quite a bit harder, and see how you enjoy those.

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    Hi SuperCarl you sound like me. I've been a mega fan for years and am blown away by how good KeeperFX is and how great all the new content is.

    Did you find NewGame+ worthwhile? I have done the first 20 levels so many times in my life so have been focussing on the new content. But willing to give NewGame+ a go if its worth it!

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