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Thread: 'Product stealing' room idea

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    Default 'Product stealing' room idea

    Apologies if this idea has already been, I did look but can't see it.

    The idea is for a room that can steal the products of other keepers, products (can't think of a better word at the moment) could include spells (represented as books in the Library?) traps and doors in the workshop, armour or anything else produced in the dungeon.
    This room is probably best working on a points system where every creature has a points per second value depending on the creature and level, when using the room these points accumulate onto a player's total. Each product in other keeper's dungeons also has a value (there might need to be a priority victim system here), when a timer finishes, the player's accumulated points are addressed and, counting down, the nearest product value indicates that the said product can be stolen, then it's a question of whether it appears in this room or in the relevant room (Library, Workshop etc) which in turn asks if the player must have a Library, Workshop etc to steal something that is produced in one.
    The more creatures you have in this room the more likely you are to get better products because of it, if there is nothing to steal that is equal to or less than the total points you have, your points continue to rise until you have stolen something (the value of which is deducted from your total points) or they reach a maximum amount.
    For gameplay sakes the timer may need to be quite long for this to work without really annoying other human players, of course workshop items that are being used or placed and awaiting pickup cannot be taken this way. Alternatively an additional timer could be attached to products giving the other keepers a chance to use something before it gets taken this way.

    There is also whether you can steal anything in particular, should it be just workshop products or anything?
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    Default Re: 'Product stealing' room idea

    Is this stealing the design or the actual product?

    If it is the former, it can be used to speed up room progress and if the latter then oh sh!t!

    The spell stealing is a bit too much because research is much more special than workshop crates. Library books are in the Library for a long time, forever actually. Workshop crates not too long, and if it is a DK2 Workshop this room is worthless but a DK1 Workshop actually can be useful without being overpowered.
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    Default Re: 'Product stealing' room idea

    Maybe instead thieves could play a bigger role, by giving them the ability to steal manufactured/researched spellbooks?

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    Default Re: 'Product stealing' room idea

    I don't like the idea of spells being stolen, but traps. Sure. Go nuts!

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    Default Re: 'Product stealing' room idea

    It looks like the general agreement so far is that traps and doors should be up for grabs by this room if they do appear in boxes before they are used but spells are another matter.
    I was thinking of the whole item not just the designs for it.

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