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Thread: game not showing my maps dk2

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    Question game not showing my maps dk2

    am new to the editor but have followed guide and all looks well until i open game and try to find map. They arn`t showing up...
    any help would be much appreciated as this is one of my all time favorite games .

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    Default Re: game not showing my maps dk2

    Firstly, did you tick multiplayer and/or skirmish while in the map editor? It won't appear if it isn't ticked in Level Variables.

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    Default Re: game not showing my maps dk2

    yep ticked them

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    Default Re: game not showing my maps dk2

    Made sure its saved into the 'maps' folder? Have you checked the 'maps' folder to see if its actually in there?

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    Default Re: game not showing my maps dk2

    have checked the maps folder.
    it shows up in list when i`m in the editor but if i come out and go in through program files they dont show up.

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    Default Re: game not showing my maps dk2

    Hmmm, I remember that situation.

    Do you have the editor being installed ELSEWHERE from the game? Because the game reads maps from "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Dungeon Keeper 2\Data\Editor\Maps\" folder.
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    Default Re: game not showing my maps dk2

    have checked and no it isnt elsewhere.

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    Default Re: game not showing my maps dk2

    Have you tried running the editor as administrator? Then try saving the map in the same folder

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