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    Hi all,
    First of all, I'm a massive DK fan ever since the age of 10. I've played through the standard 20 levels and then deeper dungeons around 10 times in my life. I have only recently come accross KeeperFX and am blown away by the amount of new content and amazing quality of life upgrades. I am absolutely obsessed again! So far I have completed undead keeper, revenge of the lord, burdoned imp and half of the 'standard' levels made my Loobinex (who has kindly helped me with some bits on Reddit. I am now half through Twin Keepers. Just did 'Invisible' which was a fucking nightmare. So poor after the theives stole all my money and no reveal, traps or doors to stop them!

    A few questions:
    1. I only just found out you could sacrifice enemy prisoners (so useful!) Is there a forum post or a resource with a load of hints or tips of stuff I might be missing? An example is that I have seen someone on youtube boost a spell, e.g. speed spell to max, then use it at max again and again. How do you do this? What other useful stuff am I missing???
    2. I have come accross the KeeperFX workshop and even further blown away by all the new content on there. I am excited about trying some campaigns. I wonder if there is a list on this forum of peoples favourites? There seems to be so many, dont know which to pick first.
    3. I dare not face ancient keeper as I hear its a nightmare. Is there a guide on some of the tips and tricks to get you through that campagin?

    Many thanks all, much appreciated

    PS. Just to add that I play starcraft 2 to a master league level so have quite fast hands and decent micro, but I have STILL had a fucking nightmare on so many levels. A testament to how good these new maps are! Well done all
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    1.) No, there is so much stuff, where does one start. Keeping spell charge is done by only so very briefly releasing the LMB to cast before holding it again, so the charge has no time to get released.
    2.) Sort by highest rated is a decent way to check for quality, although many maps first get rated 5 starts by the first few people, so check for number of ratings too.
    3.) Yes, there is a walkthrough for Ancient Keeper:

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