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    Strategic points are groups of tiles placed in strategic or otherwise special places where, should they be captured, it is possible to build special items in the workshop. These items take up all the tile space in the strategic place.
    Types of items include traps (usually of the shooting variant), doors (in levels with natural bottlenecks) and bombs (can destroy otherwise indestructible walls to reveal secret rooms).
    When a strategic point has been captured (one tile at a time as they are not actual rooms) a button with info about the special item is revealed in either the door- or trap-making menu (bombs count as traps).

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    This is basically like putting a box of traps on a regular tile, exactly like Specials. Said concept of having trap boxes lying around already exists (in DK1, in maps 18 and 19), btw.

    At most have some unique traps that are otherwise unbuildable and can only be made/used by finding them like Specials, which is what I assume you intended this idea to be.

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    I haven't played DK1, only the second game, so I wouldn't know about that.
    The idea is that the special items can only be build on the tiles made for them (adding some findable-only traps to the game also sounds like a fine idea but this isn't it). This idea is about items that can only be placed in specific ways, items that takes a long time to build and costs way more than normal traps or doors but can also do so much more (some may heal your creatures in a radius, some may be gateways that can teleport your creatures between them. Do not think I am talking about normal doors and normal traps either). They are SPECIAL but still requires the strategic points to be build (if some of the tiles in a sprategic point are lost while the item is being build the production of that item will stop until the entire point is reclaimed).

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