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Thread: Torture Value Stat

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    Default Torture Value Stat

    Basically this is to say how well a creature can torture creatures in the Torture Chamber. This will be useful to give Torture Jobs to creatures in case you don't have a Dark Mistress or you want to speed up Torturing.

    This will increase the speed enemies give information.

    Not fully done on this idea as I have to leave right now and it popped in my head... Some thoughts on improving/completing!

    (Torture Animations... lots of them! XD My I have become enemies with the animator! :P)
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    Default Re: Torture Value Stat

    (not just them, but the designers too)

    I say that creatures like the black knight and troll, who enjoy watching the suffering of others, should speed up the tortureing, while the creatures like the monk and warlock would only slow it down..

    And also, not every creature should be able to torture. Only some who enjoy the job should

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    Default Re: Torture Value Stat

    It could also be fun, if creatures passing by the room will go in a have a watch and a laugh. Perhaps even cheering at the torture scene :P - also creatures inbetween could have a betting of gold going on too, of how long the victim lasts hehe.

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    Default Re: Torture Value Stat

    You mean like some form of viewing room like in old medical surgeries...
    have an 'upper tier' kinda like the how the edge of the combar pit is raised to the actual fighting arena, where by creatures can 'pay' to enter this area and watch the torturing that is goin on.

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