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Thread: OpenDungeons

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    Default Re: Information

    right 'information'
    Links would be a better name

    information would be like
    "OpenDungeons in an open source remake of dungeon keeper"
    but all i know of it is the name so i can't give information

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    Default Re: Information

    Links to places where you can get information?
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    Default Re: OpenDungeons

    Perhaps this?

    The file I downloaded had only a map editor executable and didn't seem to work very well... :|
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    Default Re: OpenDungeons

    The trick is, you need to press `/~ (tilde) key, to open console, then type `nick your-nickname` and then `host` (without these quotation marks) to run something playable (with ability of digging, collecting gold, building rooms and some other already implemented features).

    And, by the way, hello folks. I'm Dungeon Keeper fan from Poland, not engaged in OD project, but I (successfully) tried compiling and playing with it on my desktop yesterday, so when I saw this post I needed to answer ;-).

    Oh, and there is a little guide to the controls on their wiki page:

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    Default Re: OpenDungeons

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	ODscreenshot_3.png 
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ID:	1142I try to refresh this thread,

    So far , so long we have made some progress with OpenDungeons --improving the controls , the Editor, the Console , adding new models , new terrain layout , and new traps.

    Yet , still there is much to do , and even small task are lagging because of lack of developers and artists . So if you are small / big developer just pop into our forum for some tasks -- there are things as simple as splitting class into smaller functions , or model conversion from blender to ogre format .

    For building try the current development branch .
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    Default Re: OpenDungeons

    Little late for that. Missed the bus by a year or so. All the potential developers who were here have already moved to Subterranean Games following War for the Overworld.
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    Default Re: OpenDungeons

    That's very bad after all , but a year or so I wasn't much involved in OD.
    Maybe you can handle one spare developer .

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    Default Re: OpenDungeons

    Yeah badluck. You already missed the train. There will be a new one coming in a couple years if WFTOW gets abandoned.

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    Default Re: OpenDungeons

    Not gonna happen. WftO is actually well-funded, has a large team and a critical mass in supporters. It is a much surer bet than any of these other projects built on wishful thinking which died before they started.
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