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    Default [Old] RPG News

    I shall continue to add onto this post as more news comes, but merge before I go to sleep. That way, I can be sure everyone hears the newest news. If I wasn't so active on this, it wouldn't matter. I am trying to create a large post of text to feed the beast in my closet...

    PS: Others can post here if they like.

    April 10th, 2010: 8:00 AM

    Alrighty, I updated info on the Knight as it was incomplete. Currently I'm working on getting some stuff for the Keeper to talk with, but it is supposed to be Keeper Deniquexitus (You in DK1/DD) so the most common thing you'll see is this:

    "Keeper Deniquexitus: ..."

    April 10th, 2010: 12:05 PM

    YES!! I finally got it! I got the "Max Gold Held" system to work, so now you can take advantage of Imps and Imp Bags. :P This increases as you level up, too.

    Payday system will be up and running shortly, but I won't announce it until I have the Hunger/Food System ready, since Payday isn't hard but the latter is.

    April 10th, 2010: 2:43 PM

    Finally! I've finished the Payday, AND the hunger system! It works really well, you get a message telling you are beginning to get hungry, and you should get some food before you start losing health. Once ANR gets the sound, I'll identify when the timer is when you start losing health.

    And of course you can eat a chicken sooner than hunger time, it'll reset the timer. Unless of course it takes more than one chicken...

    Now my next task is to get the Lair to work out well, then I'll start rolling in creatures.

    April 11th, 2010: 1:30 PM

    I'm moving so slow on this compared to yesterday!

    Well just to add something to feel I accomplished something, I got the creating Lair to function correctly. Currently it is a fixed location, but I'll see if I can set it up so it can be set anywhere.

    I'll have to leave certain spots to be unusable, unfortunately, for now. This is for the other creatures. Don't worry, this is temperairy until I can find a solution.

    April 11th, 2010: 8:30 PM

    Really nice and large update here.

    Alright, I've done some things. I've added in the events at the entrances of the room and the entrances of the uhh... right out the room.

    These events call common events, to prevent some lag, and those common events are the following:

    When entering a room, it changes the battle background to the proper room. Then it plays the background sounds of that room if it exists. And finally, it changes a variable's value. This variable is called "Player Location".

    When exiting a room, the background sound fades out, and the Player Location variable is set to 0, identifying that the player is on normal claimed land.

    So now I can tell which room, or terrain type, the player is on. Using this feature, I can make it so you can create your Lair anywhere. I'll upload some screenshots in the discussion thread of this feature once it's done.

    Also I took some walks into the water, and realized some fixing needs. I took advantage of this new trick to fix half of the water error, the other half was fixed when I modded the terrain.

    Your feet are now going under the water, not unrealistically over it. The other thing switched is the sounds. Yes, as you step into the water you hear the sounds of water footsteps.

    The last thing I did was modify the sounds. I made it so that the sounds are called by through a common event. The old way was no real problem, but it eventually would be a problem with more creatures in later levels, causing lag. This prevents that future possible lag. It also makes more room for other features too.

    April 11th, 2010: 10:18 PM

    Alright, I've uploaded a video.

    You can view it

    Equally, you can look into the Discussion thread, but as time moves on that will be more difficult to do as it won't be on the last page anymore. :P

    So I suggest going on youtube to view it, it will increase my video views.

    April 12th, 2010: 10:46 AM

    I've added a new video, find it on youtube

    Again, you can find it on Discussion but the former way gives me more views.

    I've demonstrated, as the description says, the Lair function, the Payday function, Max Gold Held function, and Hunger Function.

    April 12th, 2010: 5:42 PM

    Alright, I've added some Torches on the walls, and Candles for the Treasury. I also updated background sounds to include the Torch sound.

    And the last thing I did was update the Lairs a bit more. I fixed some stuff, but one thing I did add was that when you go to sleep, you must walk over to the Lair, instead of "talking" to it. You can also pass through it.

    And the reason for that is for this next feature. When you go to sleep, the creature will go into sleeping animation.

    April 12th, 2010: 11:23 PM

    Few things here. I've modified the collecting pay so that it subtracts it from the Keeper's gold. I also made it so that if he has insufficient gold to pay you, you will not be able to collect more gold.

    I also added the first creature, besides the player. There will be no others until this one is complete, as I need to use this one as an example. As of now, he is partially compatable. You can't talk to him, but he has enough "AI" to create a Lair, and collect Payday.

    As of now, his payday is nothing to the keeper's gold. This will soon be changed. I also need to modify the Fly so he will "explore" instead of sleep.

    Their movements are very predictable, it is the best I can do within the RPG's bounderies. Remember that it is not met for this.

    The next thing I will tackle is the need for food. And finish the pay too.

    The real glory of this will be the relation you can hold with these creatures. I'll make, at first, 2 personalities for each creature and hero. They will be of a male and female. I'll keep on adding onto them. They'll be sorta like the "Sim date" stuff you can find, heehee. Well not really, that was a joke.

    But depending on what you say to them, it will give growth or destruction to your "relation ship" value to them. And it also depends on what type of creature you are. Certain creatures will never get very far, like a Beetle and Warlock, or Warlock and Troll. However, certain creatures can't go anywhere, like the Skeleton and Bile Demon, for obvious Lair Enemy reasons.

    Well I've said enough of that, I'll talk more about it when I get it running. That kind of thing is what I really can do.

    Also, I created a video of this, but I haven't uploaded it. I'll upload it tommarrow maybe.

    April 13th, 2010: 12:21 PM

    Alright, I have just finished the movement paths of the first creature. The odds of what creature you will get are randomly even.

    First they go and create their Lair. Then, if a Beetle, they sleep there, or if a Fly, go out and fly around. When they get hungry, they'll go get food. And when it comes time for Payday, they will head on out to collect it. After stasfying those needs, the Beetle returns to his sleep and the Fly returns to his exploring. I decided against their Paydays counting against the keeper's gold.

    Now I need to make 5 more of these creatures, which will relatively be easy as I know everything works. There's just some small modifications in the movement paths.

    Afterwards, I'll work on the communication with them.

    April 28th, 2010: 7:03 PM

    Despite what I stated in the Discussion thread, (Which actually belongs here) I seem to be facing some kind of block when I try and think about this. Luckily, this is the idea portion. I'll conquer it like I did my other block, I'll do it at school where nothing distracts me... in fact it would be the thing distracting me.

    So wait til May 4th! That's my first day back to school, I'll think of some ideas then. But I won't be able to do anything til the weekend, due to having to work on school stuff... so...

    May 4th, 2010: 3:07 AM

    Well the time may seem strange but this was the time of the update. I couldn't get onto KK for some reason so I wasn't able to make the post at the time I made the update.

    While this was a real easy and quick update, it does definately make a difference. The main reason and need for this is because of the many features I wanted to include.

    I've changed the save system. You can now hold up to practically infinite saves. I say practically because there's a limit, but it's a lot larger than 255...

    When you create a new game, you'll get a message to create your save game. Type it in there. When you save, you'll be saving under that name, and have 99 slots under that name.

    When you load your game, it will ask you a similar message. Type the name of the save file you were using. Then you'll be brought to the load screen like usual, and can pick your file.

    As you can see, there's a limit of 9 characters. You also have 99 save slots per name. So technically it is not unlimited, but a very large limit. I can esure you, it is definately over 9000. (Since all you need is 100 save types to reach 990, and with there being so many letters and 9 characters allowed... yeah)

    PS: If you have forgotten the name of your save file, you can easily look into RPG folder. If, say you used the name "dungeon", you'll see "Save1.dungeon" as a file. The extension "dungeon" is the name of your save file. Very easy to recover in case you have a bunch of files.

    May 28th, 2010: 1:27 PM

    A small update but still an update even so.

    I've added Mentor Messages for when you enter the dungeon, as well as a Mentor Message for when an Imp leaves the dungeon.

    When you get hungry, you'll now recieve a Mentor Message saying "Your creatures are becoming hungry." in addition to the already present text message warning.

    I've discovered and fixed a bug where your pay would give you negative gold when the Keeper has hit 0 gold. I thank A New Room for this, since when testing something because of him, I discovered this.

    I've added 3 Mentor Musings. How they're displayed? Which are they? I'll never tell.

    I've made a personal "To Do" list. This doesn't effect you much, but it helps me remember things over long periods of time so I save time.

    June 3rd, 2010: 2:13 PM

    Several things here and there. For one thing, I've reduced the volume of the music down to 90% because I noticed the sound effects aren't very well heard, as well as the Mentor voice.

    I've added the following states: Frozen, Protected, Rebounding, Invisible, Sped, and Slowed. I've also created animations for them, and added in effects they have on you out of battle. Protected, Rebounding, and Invisible have no current effect but I used switches to tell when the Player has one of those effects. From there, it is all depending on the moment.

    For example, when a trap is triggered I'll have it check if you have Protect on. If so, you will take reduced damage. Etc.

    Speed and Slow effects have very obvious effects, and so does Frozen.

    For all of these effects, if you have them on too long then the spells will wear out. (So you can't simply have an easy way with constant Speed, Invisibility, etc. But it also works to your advantage for spells like Slow, and is a must for Freeze)

    Unfortunately, it is a little buggy. For some reason, Freeze isn't working on either the Fly, Beetle, or Imp. (My only testable creatures at the moment) Speed doesn't work either, but Slow is for some reason. And somehow, the Imp's default speed is how it should be when he has Speed activated. No worries, I already know the source of this problem. I will fix it later, it is on my to do list so I won't forget.

    And if you are wondering, no I haven't added any of the spell data, (For actually casting the spells) I've only added the different states you're in so I could add the effects they have out of battle.

    Also, I increased the Random Mentor Musing timer (Since some of them are random) and decreased the chance of obtaining one of these. Why? Because before it apparently was too often... I kept getting one not even 5 minutes into the game.

    June 5th, 2010: 9:02 PM

    Quite a good update, I'll say.

    First off, I've discovered why the Imp was moving so damn fast. When the Imp is not slowed, I accidentally made him move at Speed Level 6 instead of his default Speed Level, 4.

    Also, I fixed the bug where Freeze and Speed weren't effecting you out of battle. Yup, and despite what I said before, I didn't know what was really going on. Allow me to explain:

    The order in which it checks what spell is effecting you is Freeze, Protect, Rebound, Invisibility, Speed, then Slow. However, only Freeze, Speed, and Slow have effects that decrease your speed. And it checked if you were being effected, then it changed your speed. But if you weren't being effected, your speed would return to normal. This is where the error lies.

    Because it checks Slow last, then any speed settings previously made would be overwritten since I'm not slowed. This is why Freeze/Speed didn't work, because the check that the player is not slowed set the speed back to default. My fix is setting it so the default speed is restored only when the timer is up for the spell, and you become released.

    Already, however, I see a possible error. Say I'm using Speed, then I travel into battle and my Speed wears off. Once I'm out of battle, the Speed will still seem to be effect me (Cool) and won't go away until Slow is cast on me or Speed again, but even then it will only be fixed if it wears out outside of battle. This will be especially annoying with Freeze as I'll be immobile and practically screwed if there are no more enemies in the room to force me into battle.

    Worry not, I've already come up with a counter solution. Before every battle, it will check your status and if you are frozen then you will not go into battle (Same as in Invisibility, unless fighting undead or someone with Sight) until you "thaw". Why only Freeze, you may ask? Simply because during that time, you cannot move, and so you can't cheat by walking away. If I set it with Speed, you could quickly bypass all enemies and Invisibility will be worthless.

    One more thing to note on these speed stuff, I've changed the difference when slowed and sped. Before it was a difference of 2, now it is 1. For example, Imp's speed is 4. When hit with Speed, BEFORE, his speed would increase to 6. However, NOW, it will increase to 5. The reason is also simple: It looked weird when they had too much of an increase ya know what I mean?

    It is not the end, no it is not. I've changed the names of the icons I have, just like I did the "characters". (candles, creatures, etc) How does this effect you? Well not much, I'm just selfish about my time. Oh yes, this does make work faster and life easier. Also, because I changed the names, I had to switch the names in the RPG Maker from the old names to the new names, so if you notice any wrong/missing icons, inform me please! But it was alot of work, see? I changed all the icons, see? Over one hundred-f***ing-two icons in the armor section alone, see? (Sorry, I'm currently listening to the boss music of Popple and Rookie from Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga)

    But that's not all I did to the icons! I also slept with each and eve-wait a minute that's not right. >_> I resized some of the larger icons, and now they don't get cut off.

    Also, something I forgot in to mention in the last state. I apparently missed the Flight and Dizzy (For Whirlwind) states, but I'll get them in a moment. Also, there's a small drawback in order to keep the player from becoming too powerful. Some upgrade spells cannot work with others. Rebound doesn't work with anything, simply because its almighty magically immune powers. Invisibility also doesn't work with Speed because what they both boost in battle. Luckily, Speed cancels out Slow but unfortunately vice versa. Don't forget these changes also are for enemies as well, so you don't have to deal with Super Level 2 Bosses. >_>

    And last but not least, I've finished most of the spell data (Haven't touched the animations, will get those tommarrow (Oh hell, I miss the old Word of Power/Whirlwind... >_<)) but some of the spells I didn't do for good reasons. (Like Grenade) I want to think them out more before I add this data in. I had an idea for Grenade's cool awesome chancy abilities but I'm not sure yet.


    lol, Tunneller kicks ass :3

    This is actually possible, a little bit. For starters, I had that Tunneller buffed with the best Tunneller equiptment. He's also level 10. And that Knight is weaker than average, because this is the degraded Knight Lord of the Land from Level 1 that I am forced to use since the Beetles and Flies would lose anyhow. >_>

    lol... click the picture... :3

    Today I did alot, yes? Yesterday all I did was play Sonic the Hedgehog and chat with a good friend, no RPG work. It was completely insufficient and inefficient but I really like playing Sonic the Hedgehog and chatting with her sooo... deal with it. >:P

    I more than made up for it today and what I'm doing tomarrow.

    June 6th, 2010: 11:00 PM

    Not as much as I wanted to get done, but I didn't feel too well today anyways.

    For starters, I added the script for the Lightning attack. This delivers multiple hits, and each consecuative hit has a lower chance of succeeding. There is a max of 7 strikes possible, and you recieve a message displaying how many you got. There is one drawback, however, and that is that each additonal strike uses more mana. I kept getting 4 alot in the tests, and most I've gotten was 6 but the enemy died on the third strike, lol.

    I've also gotten the Teleport Data/Script done as well. This can be used to Teleport to the Dungeon Heart or to save automatically.

    I've made the Freeze Spell check be last instead of first on the map. The reason for this is simply because if the Player is Frozen AND Sped/Slowed, then the Player will move faster/slower (Respectfully) instead of being immobile due to the Speed/Slow previously being updated after the Freeze spell. (And you remember the bug that once caused that I had to fix)

    I've added the Dizzy and Flight States as well. Not to mention their data outside of battle (There's no real effect on speed or anything like that unless scripted, like say Protect, but the Dizzy animation is displayed) Of course this comes to the Whirlwind's spell data being completed as well.

    The Drain Spell and its script have also been added. Due to the limits of the RPG, I've made this drain 100 health always but it drains it of all enemies and also restores it to all allies. Yet it will also be quite costly, I'm afraid.

    Last thing I've done is add the Grenade Spell Data and its script. This spell is quite chancy, I'll say. It has additonal strikes, like the Lightning Spell, but doesn't use any additonal mana. There's a max of 5 additonal strikes, and the damage completely varies. The logic in this is sorta extra damage from the Grenade's explosion.

    Each additional damage has a 50% chance (Doesn't increase/decrease with each additional strike) and the additional damage is chanced by 1-100 randomly. So in other words, the max additonal damage (Which will be greater than the normal damage most of the time) is 500 to all enemies. Don't think of it as cheap. Remember that's if you somehow manage to get all 5 additonal strikes (I've had several times in the tests where I got none!) as well as each time getting a specific value out of 100 values every time. Most I've gotten in the tests was 130 and something. It could have been all 5 adtional strikes in small values or it could have been average numbers, you can't know for sure.

    It does of course, display the additonal damage. Not by default, I might add. I actually had to add a text message and use some trick with the variables in order to get that to work properly. (Luckiy it wasn't nearly as complex or hard to figure out as some of the other scripting I've done)

    June 8th, 2010: 3:47 PM

    Well I was supposed to put this update last night, but I guess I forgot. Anyways, not much was done but then again not much is left to do.

    For starters, I've added the Hailstorm's data and script, as well as the Word of Power's data. The Hailstorm works similar to Grenade, however it doesn't damage all targets. Instead, the additional damage picks off the first enemy, then the second, etc. It wanted it to damage enemies randomly, however due to RPG Maker XP limits, that wasn't much of a choice.

    I managed to get this to work by a HUUUGE nest of script commands! It looks quite complicated at first glance, but once you got the basic idea it is pretty easy to understand. All that's left is the animations, but I may or may not revise the spell data later once I have someone to test them (A creature, for instance, besides the Tunneller. No I'm not talking about actual people)

    I've also done a quick little revision of the Personalities. Previously, responses were generated somewhat randomly and you could get a negative response and a positive right after. However, I've changed it so now they are determined by moods. What determines their mood? Oh I'm keeping that bit a secret :P

    June 11th, 2010: 1:54 PM

    I added a little check to see which creatures are "Not live" (As in they are not in the dungeon yet or died) and I set all their values to 0. (Values like hunger, ID, Relationship, etc) I almost forgot to do this, luckily I added it in or you could be best friends with a Fly, then have it die and suddenly talk to a Beetle as if you've known him all your life.

    Now I also discovered a bug while working on getting Creature #2-6 operational. For Creature #1, if it is a Beetle, he'll only eat if the Player's hunger value reaches a certain point, because I accidentally set the wrong value in. He would then keep eating until you, the player, eats a chicken and restores the value to 0.

    I've also made it so the dungeon music played is random. Whenever you enter a new level, it'll switch. And when you enter the same level again, it probably won't be the same again :P

    I've finished Creatures 2 and 3, so now they come up from the Portal. They use the same movement paths as Creature 1, for now, because I'm still working on getting Creature 4-6 functional. Once that is done, I'll change the paths so they all move back and forth from their own Lairs. Personalities aren't done, yet but they will be. I'm pushing that to the end of my list simply because it is boring as hell and the only way I'm going to do it is if it is the last thing in my way from finishing Eversmile 0.8.

    I've also pushed the expected date to Sunday instead of Saturday, tommarrow. It is still possible I could finish it by Saturday, but I'm trying to cut my work load so I at least have some free time left to do other stuff. Today, I'll get the rest of the creatures functional with their own movement paths as well as add the checks for when they die and stuff. Tommarrow I'll get the level data done for the Heroes and stuff. Then on Sunday, I'll finish up the personalities. That's all I need to do.

    June 13th, 2010: 1:50 PM

    Now creatures 4-6 are completely functional, hurrah. I've updated some other variables for them too... well, actually it was only the Payday Amount that tells them to collect their pay :P

    Also, I've done a little check. This check will find out of one of the other creatures is in your party, and if they die (Or leave battle dead) they will actually die (Meaning they won't be in your party anymore and the creature itself will disappear) and thus allowing a new creature to come from the portal. (The only current way to get rid of creatures :P)

    Now instead of working on the personal movement paths right away, (Cause it is too damn boring and I didn't feel like it) I did something which is at least a bit more "fun". I got to work on the Level Data itself. When there are 7 creatures present, there will be a little "timer" in which then the Heroes will arrive by breaking a hole through the wall by your Lair just like in Eversmile.

    But that's not all, I kept working and finished level data entirely, yays. The level is now beatable, and you can leave the dungeon via Portal then you go back to the area where you began. (Realm selection area) You can go back to Eversmile, you'll be able to begin levels you've aready beaten with a "Transfer Creature"-like bonus. But that's only for levels you've beaten :P

    There are few things left to do now. I would be done by now, but like how I said on one of my previous updates, life can create roadblocks. Well, sh*t happens. (If you're wondering the sudden change of mood in the post, it is because I began a tradition of planning these posts out once I've made each little update)
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    Default Re: Recent RPG News

    cool, I just can't wait

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    Default Re: Recent RPG News

    It really is looking great

    I love what your doing with it.
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    Default Re: Recent RPG News

    make a heroes video

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    Default Re: Recent RPG News

    Very nice, but why would we even need more than 10 slots, Nevermind like 9001. Unless your save crazy ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyle View Post
    Very nice, but why would we even need more than 10 slots, Nevermind like 9001. Unless your save crazy ???
    Well there are good reasons. Like I said, the features I got. 99 saves would be good too, but this is just the feature of the script I added.
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    Default Re: Recent RPG News

    Any progress? I can't wait for the next patch

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    Default Re: Recent RPG News

    You don't see anything by me here now do you? What does that make you think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metal Gear Rex View Post
    I've made a personal "To Do" list. This doesn't effect you much, but it helps me remember things over long periods of time so I save time.
    If you want, i can create a project for your RPG, that way your todo will be public and people can vote and comment on your "todos".

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotted View Post
    If you want, i can create a project for your RPG, that way your todo will be public and people can vote and comment on your "todos".
    Sure if you want I guess. I'm not sure about the voting much as anything on there is usually already been voted for or isn't something I can put a vote on for. However, feedback is nice.
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