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    Name: Gangah
    Creature Type: Goblin
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Personality: Very loyal to friends, Can disobey his keeper
    Favorite thing to do: Fight
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Current level: 1
    Total Gold: 0
    -On Hand: 0

    Good fighter (strong)
    Quick decisions in battle
    High health

    Bad in other tasks
    Does not get along with trolls, bile demons and converts
    Spends a lot of time eating

    Likes: Fighting, Training, Helping friends, Eating

    Dislikes: Learning, Working,

    Level One: Melee
    Level Two: Protect self
    Level Three: Heal self
    Level Six: Grenade

    Other Things: Weapon is a black morningstar

    Realm: Asgard

    Biography: Gangah used to be part of a band of Goblins that joined keeper after keeper where they helped to defeat rivals. Now that the rest has passed away, Gangah now seeks a place to spend the rest of his life.
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