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Thread: A complete guide: How to play DK2 multiplayer

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    Default A complete guide: How to play DK2 multiplayer

    • First install your Dungeon Keeper 2 game from the disk, it should be the 1.0 or 1.3 version.
    • Download and install the latest official DK2 Update 1.3-1.7.
    • Download and install the unofficial DK2 Update 1.7-1.73
      • Please make sure the install directory is correct, even if you installed DK2 at its default location.
    • Download Hamachi from the Hamachi website and install it.
    • Go to the Control Panel (Click Start > Control panel) and in classic view double click on Network Connections.
    • Go to Advanced > Advanced Settings. A window should open and in the top section (under Adapters and Bindings, it should open on Adapters and Bindings anyway) put Hamachi to the top of the list and click OK. This is for Windows XP, it shouldn't be too different for other versions of Windows.
    • Join a hamachi network (network name and pass can be found HERE). If for any reason you can't join the server PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
    • Arrange a game via these forums, MSN or any other way, alternatively you can talk to people that are currently logged into Hamachi. Decide who hosts and launch Dungeon Keeper 2.
    • From the main menu, click on the multiplayer option. Choose the top option (Winsock TCP/IP Internet Connection).
    • If you're gunna host enter a game name to the right of the screen that comes up. If you wanna join a a game just keep refreshing the search untill a game appears (with the refresh button).
    • When the game appears click on the game and press join. If the game name flashes off and then on again it usually indicates that you are using a differant dkii.exe than the host. Check that you are both using the crack as detailed above. If you're hosting then simply set the game up as you wish, this is very similar to how you would set up a skirmish game so I won't go into this!
    • When everyone has arrived make them all click the ready button, then the person who is hosting the game can start.
    • Perform some pretty evil acts in order to completely destroy your enemy keepers! Show no mercy!

    If you get problems with joining a game, finding a game or something else, go to our problems topic
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