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Thread: Jibbits' Dungeon Keeper 2 Multiplayer and Skirmish Tips

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    Default Re: Jibbits' Dungeon Keeper 2 Multiplayer and Skirmish Tips

    Yeah, but in skirmish, selling the bridge is usefull. In Multiplayer, it is reletivly useless.

    And why would you want to build your rooms when your dungeon is conected to the enemies. Yeah, its a good tip, if you have a reason to build a room, but how often does that happen.
    right, but in skirmish i prefer killing heroes with my creatures in battles.

    i meant if you have to build a room in your dungeon. lets say the dungeon is far in the back and there is a lava river, where you are fighting.
    didnt mean connected dungeons with lava.
    Black holes are where god devided by zero.

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    Default Re: Jibbits' Dungeon Keeper 2 Multiplayer and Skirmish Tips

    Here's a trick:

    Throw your imps inside your dungeon heart, you get mana for them, and if you go below four imps you will get new imps for free to make mana from.

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    Default Re: Jibbits' Dungeon Keeper 2 Multiplayer and Skirmish Tips

    Some tip that i found very useful in combat pit training:

    If you run low on mana or dont want to spend mana at all... posses a warlock or a monk and head to the combat pit area and start trigger happy that heal spell on your training creatures, it does not consume mana, and it doesnt take much to recharge (works perfectly on 1 vs 1 battle in the combat pit)

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    Default Re: Jibbits' Dungeon Keeper 2 Multiplayer and Skirmish Tips

    Hi, it's me again! Time to stategically refreshen you all again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    This is a collection of tips I've compiled for you from both my own experience with the game and from what I've read from others. I hope you find this useful.
    Mine too, but more precise and checked in the editor. hahaaa

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    Jibbits' Dungeon Keeper 2 Multiplayer and Skirmish Tips:
    Scrambled by D4RKLQRDNEM3SYS

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -You can beat entire armies with a possessed creature.
    It might be impossibly difficult to kill every creature within an enemy keepers arsenal because they heal in their lairs faster than your melee recharge time. If against an enemy keeper, use an invisible rogue on his heart. Possessed flanking of Kessler van Doom is the best choice against hero keeps that don't seek your heart. Vampires have better ranged spells than Dark Angels, and if collapsed, revert back to your (1 tile?) graveyard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -The only creatures worth attracting through the portal are Black Knights, Warlocks (until you have nothing left to research, then throw them back out), Elite Creatures, and any regular Dark Angels that happen to come in with your elite Dark Angel.
    Well let's not rush into false statements with so optional cases. Creature worth always differs from stile of play, type of map, and personal sentimental value.
    <>Zachariah and the Dark Angels are always the best choice for all before all other creatures.
    <>But Black Knights with Kaleb leading them are well qualified to be your main attack force, and are easy to maintain, or you can span a lot of Knights in the temple, but they are more prone to be dissatisfied.
    <>One Vampire is always useful to snatch enemy creatures with the hypnotize ability. That will not count into your creature pool. And Kessler's room configuration actually might prove useful.
    <>It's always good to have 2 Bile Demons to block your average amount of support units, and they also make short work of workshop duty. And let's not forget the cool gas spells, Bloz your mind!
    <>One Rogue can be a good flanker in battle with his invisibility (if he is Gervaise), the only good scout if you need one is a Fairy! She both has lightning to gain advantage and whirlwind to flee. But in battle she is best as dungeon heart defense with his destabilizing wind.
    <>Salamanders are the best scouts if manually possessed to scout. They also can traverse anywhere but are stronger than Fairies. And at high levels their spell regenerations so speed up that they become more cost effective fire support creatures than the Warlock. If only at level 8 they would get a Warlock fireball as a third spell. Demo version Salamanders look like eels with legs, orange Salamanders look like candy figures, Furnace looks like a Utah-Raptor!
    <>Mistress lightning and freeze are the true evil keepers weapons in battle. They are extremely valuable. Don't forget that lightning stuns, and frozen creatures cannot move, helpless in Dominique's claws.
    <>Skeletons may not be a first decision but keep them if they happen to come around, they are great as second wave shock troops, patient prayers, and additional guards when patrolling your territory when idle. Mind leaving Bane in the temple at all costs.
    <>Dark elves are almost completely useless, unless you want to keep an eye on enemy imp movement close by with a devoted guarding creature. Otherwise, only keep Zenobia for the extra kind of damage dealt.
    <>Trolls are too weak to own, one Knud is enough to speed up manufacturing, but leave them at home.
    <>Firefly. Bzzzt. The defensive dungeon heart defender who stuns enemies with the tornado spell then runs away! So cute! Keep one if there's no access to Fairies, or you're too lazy to Salamander-Possess-Explore.
    <>Hopefully by the time you start to consider if you need a Warlock or not, you'll have Dark Angels who are better in combat and can also research. (There is always time to research.) Keep Almeric to heal injured fleeing creatures in battle while shooting fireballs at lesser units.
    <>Well, a Goblin is best sent into battle once for an extra flanker who might be knocked out but who cares! Or perhaps good for skeletons who don't count in creature pool. Grubb better start lifting weights.


    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -When you are first building your dungeon leave no walls dividing rooms; Lairs, Hatcheries, Treasuries, and Combat Pits work just as well without walls.
    The only rooms that need walls are: Library; Training Room; Torture Chamber; Casino and Workshop. That's 5 against 13!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Lairs, Hatcheries, and Treasures do not need to be built square.
    Same goes for Graveyard (if just for resurrection, no new Vampire production), Temple (if no pool needed for sacrifices), Guard Room (1x1 if you have one devoted guard).

    But some square rooms only require 1x3 configuration.
    These are:
    ___Workshop: 1x3 tiles = 1 tiles for workers at the wall, and crate spaces holding 3 crates each, that's 6 crates and up to two workers per 1x3 workshop.
    ___Training Room: 2 or 3 trainees per one wall appliance.
    ___Library: In my version, I only need 1x3 tiles to research, but can only complete each phase if there is an empty shelf case even if I am just upgrading in which case the empty place never gets filled, though required. Shelf places come by one middle appliance that provides 3, plus each next one adds 2 more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -When you first start the game build a treasure room, combat pit, lair, hatchery, and library in that order. The combat pit get large enough to attract the same amount of black knights as your current portal max.
    LOL Well, if you wanna nearly miss out on Dark Angels, then ok. First if you want a Firefly for exploration, wait until the first portal provides one creature before rooms, and if a Goblin arrives, make a Skeleton out of him.

    You should have a Prison by then by the way, and a Treasury to start collecting money for Temples. Now build Temples like there is no tomorrow. 4 normal and 1 elite Dark Angels are a good force on any level. The rest is up to you, but remember to build Graveyards before battles, if you want Vampires.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Convert a dwarf or sacrifice a goblin and the create imp spell in a temple for a dwarf. One dwarf is useful for digging through enemy fortified walls quickly.
    DWARVES RUIN EVERYTHING! They never arrive on time if not manually put there and are dumber than Imps. I'd make Skeletons of both Goblins and Dwarves any day. To dig enemy fortified walls, just use Tremor, or be a possessed 4th Imp digging the wall. (Everyone knows 3 Imps dig one side of a tile of wall.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Throw your dwarves in prison; your own dwarves cannot starve and while in prison they cannot get in trouble.
    Someone rightfully mentioned they will die, but don't let that stop you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -You can get an infinitely huge army of hero Knights by sacrificing Black Knights and the Turncoat spell in the temple.
    Tried it, yes this is a good tactic, got 64 before I got bored.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Traps and doors are far inferior to Player armies.
    They are best for defense, especially when out of harm's way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Only build a workshop either if you want to get an elite bile demon or if you have an elite bile demon, an elite troll, converted giants, or neutral manufacturing creatures you found.
    So shortly: Don't build Workshops for Trolls??? You shouldn't have Trolls in the first place, save some early levels of single player. But then who will manufacture Traps n' Doors??

    Summary: Build Workshops but make your Trolls starve to death! Works all the time! Just mind getting some other workers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -The only traps worth manufacturing: Sentry Trap, Gas Trap (superior to Spike, Freeze, and Fireburst traps; also the best for scaring off imps because it doesn't use mana), Lightning Trap.
    Freeze Traps are effective against small numbers of low level invading parties. AND they remain concealed until triggered.

    Sentry Traps are almost only useful in small max 5x5 rooms behind Barricades, otherwise they will miss on bigger distances.

    Fear Traps are only good for keeping enemy Imps away from your Secret Doors at locations not too suspected for attack.

    Boulder and Jack in the Box Traps are only good for breaching enemy dungeon heart rooms at another point WITHOUT creatures.

    Remember to often use Lightning Traps near water for the extra damage dealt in it. AND THEY STUN!

    Guard Posts can make a Guard do his job and another Guard finally fit into a relatively small Guard Room if usually full by drawing away Guards for a time, besides adding protection to certain places and pathways.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -The only door worth manufacturing for defense: Steel Door (Magic Doors are only slightly sturdier than Steel Doors and have a negligable fireball attack but cost 4x as much. Unless you are extremely rich you should never build Magic Doors.)
    Completely true! But sometimes Magic Doors can help in the defense of the dungeon heart when under attack.

    Note that if you require good shooting places for your Guard Rooms near lava, use Barricades.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -In battles creatures attacking from the South will have an advantage.
    Yes, but Heroes attacking from the north also have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Enemy secret doors will look like a normal wall but they will be darker and have no objects like torture racks or workshop forges glued to them.
    Yes and slightly their wireframe will stand out if you look closely. Not to mention the cross movement. Imps playing casper.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Kill secret doors with possessed creatures.
    And unmask secret doors by TRYING to dig them out a lot of times, until an Imp will discover it is false.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Black Knights are much more cost effective and quicker to get than Dark Angels and only slightly inferior in terms of strength. By the time your enemy has two level 8 Dark Angels you can have 15 level 8 Black Knights. Also level 8 Black Knights don't waste time casting very weak spells.
    Could be true, but hey while your Black Knights were slaughtering my spawned Skeletons, my Dark Angels assured that your "cost effective" Black Knight were the last... to die!! HAHAHAHAAaaaa

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Imps and Dwarves work best (100% efficiency) when dropped directly next to the job site and then slapped.
    No, first slapped, then dropped.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Vampires are annoying, fragile, and torturous to train. Do not build a Graveyard, Vampires are not worth raising, stick with Black Knights, Elite Creatures, and Dark Angels. If you find a neutral Vampire less than level 8 training it might be wasted effort and if it dies in the Combat Pit and you have no Graveyard it will be lost forever.
    Useless emotionless hypnotizers who pack a wallop with their claws and have no appetite? We have just discovered a paradox! It is times like these when Wizards leap towards the hand symbol. What next? Division by Zero?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -If you acquire vampires build a one tile Graveyard so that when they die they may ressurect.
    Sounds cool!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -The Elite Dark Angel is the third strongest creature in the game, behind the Stone Knight (#2) and Horned Reaper (#1).
    (#1) Zachariah
    (#2) King Reginald
    (#3) Dark Angels
    (#4) Horny the Horned Reaper
    you're welcome

    The King heals on own land, and Horny is immortal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Skeletons are practically worthless and die in one or two hits to any decent creature. Do not waste effort training or making them.
    Most of the times, they come easy, pray well, then if well deployed, win the battle without casualties.
    Learn to use them, or just plan to leave them behind for mana.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Rooms you should never build: Guard Room, Casino, Graveyard (Exceptions: When you get a Vampire build one tile of Graveyard for ressurection. If you need a Rogue for Possession build a Casino until you get the Rogue then sell the Casino.)
    2 Bile Demons = 1 Rogue
    2 Black Knights = 1 Vampire

    Guard Rooms are useful to notify you of nearby enemies. Most of the times when you'll be attacked, this will be the only warning sign. So plan your defenses to hold them up a little at your doorstep until you gather some minions.

    A Casino is a MUST if you don't want some creatures to become unhappy if there is no work to do. Besides, I think drunk creatures are stronger.

    And do not let corpses just fade away.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Always sell enemy rooms except maybe full treasure rooms.
    Or 5x5 Temples, or if the late keeper had a bigger Prison or Graveyard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Creatures heeding a Call to Arms will not need to be paid and will never get angry; if you use Call to Arms you may never worry about pay day again unless you cancel the Call to Arms.

    Creatures who have long been controlled by Call to Arms tend to get unhappy really soon. Too risky.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -If creatures are attacked while heeding a Call to Arms they will not defend themselves until they are close to the Call to Arms banner.
    But you still can place the flag progressively along the way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Order of usefulness of converted heroes from most useful to least useful: Most useful #1. Princes #2. Royal Guards 3. Knights 4. Giants 5. Guards 6. Monks 7. high level Thieves (for Possession especially) 8. Wizards 9. Fairies 10. Elven Archers 11. Dwarves (for digging down enemy fortified walls very quickly).
    Totally up to one's taste.
    Thief is weaker than the Rogue, but tends to steal from enemy Treasuries. Thumbs up.
    Dwarves are for Skeleton fodder I say.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Do not get Boulder Traps. They may have been army killers in DK1 but in DK2 they suck.
    They are imp army killers.
    ...but tend to do more harm than progress.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jibbits View Post
    -Throw your imps inside your dungeon heart, you get mana for them, and if you go below four imps you will get new imps for free to make mana from.
    This is where the Skeletons come in (again). Instead of sacking Imps, drop Skeletons to the sides of Temples to pray and generate mana, if you're not assigning them to Guard duty.

    The best prayers are:
    250 King Reginald
    200 Dark Angels & Zachariah
    150 Stone Knight, Lord of the Land, Felix, Balder, Tristian
    120 Wizard
    110 Mistress' & Dominique
    105 Monk
    095 Vampires & Kessler van Doom

    P E R I D

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