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    3 12.50%
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Thread: Workshop Poll

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    Default Workshop Poll

    How will Workshops work in WFTO? Poll closes in two weeks.

    NOTICE: All results are not final, but are used to see about public opinion. Just because the polls reflect a side does not mean the developers will use it. In the end, the developers have the final say.

    1: DK I (Automatic)

    In DK I, traps and doors are automatically made for your disposal at no cost. When they are finished, you can sell them for extra gold.

    2: DK II (Manual)

    In DK II, traps and doors must be ordered and paid for to be placed.

    3: DK I and II (Automatic + Focus)

    Combining both allows the the traps and doors to be made automatically, but allows the Keeper to choose what to focus on. The excess can be sold.
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    Default Re: Workshop Poll

    I'm really not sure... I like both
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    Default Re: Workshop Poll

    I hated that you can't get what you want in DK1 but I hated how you can't have a stock of items in DK2. There should be an option of "must builds" such as: creatures will make certain items in stock while it's selected and switch it if you have too much of one thing.

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    Default Re: Workshop Poll

    I think DK1+DK2 is the best, because you can settle back and watch what the trolls build and use it somehow, or you say them what you exactly want.

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    Talking Re: Workshop Poll

    DK1 + DK2

    My Vision;

    When you build nothing, they make random stuff like in DK1.
    When you start placing traps and doors, the ones already made will be placed first and when those are gone, The DK2 method kicks in and you get a blueprint and the requested design gets top priority in the workshop

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    Default Re: Workshop Poll

    I like Death's idea.
    And no, I'm not saying this just so he won't kill me. XP

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    Default Re: Workshop Poll

    Have workshop items built in a sequence like in DK1, however there should be an option to prioritise certain items if the player wishes for one of those. (spamming of powerful items can be prevented by time taken to build powerful items and cost) Items should be paid for when placed, in a system like DK1 where the player places a 'shadow' then an Imp (or a troll?) carries the box to it.

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    Default Re: Workshop Poll

    Actually, you can stockpile. I lock my trolls in the workshop and then place traps. After they've filled all my orders, I delete the ghostly placements and unlock the door. Next time I place a trap, for real, I can drop an imp in the workshop to pick up an already-made trap, but the trolls will still trudge over to the workshop to make one for the order I placed, which will then just sit there after it's made. You're doubling up on the cost of producing traps to get the initial stockpile, but it has come in handy in certain scenarios.

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