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  1. You must have Dungeon Keeper with IPX fix.
  2. Install Hamachi Important - It must be exactly this version of Hamachi, the newer ones don't work with DK, cause they use different alias/tunnelling system incompatible with DK. If an update window appears, ignore it.
  3. Go to Network Connections, click on Hamachi connection and select Properties, click on IPX protocol and select Properties, click on Advanced and set Ethernet SNAP frame type. If you don't have IPX protocol then click Install and select IPX protocol (default he isn't installed on Windows XP)
  4. Next make an aliases.txt file in your Hamachi main directory and set the aliases for all your friends. To make an alias, type his Hamachi IP + your Hamachi IP with his IP ending instead of yours. For example, if your friend's Hamachi IP is and yours is, then it should be: Now, he will see your host in game. He must do analogically same if he want to see your host. If there will be 3 or 4 players at least, the host must set aliases for rest of players. The best is when everyone has aliases to everyone, then everyone can host a game. The one alias in one line (below the previous). Then important - Restart Hamachi after adding new aliases to get them working.
  5. Go to Network Connections, click on Local Connection (your Internet), select Properties and disable IPX protocol. (It forces DK to detect IPX on Hamachi.)
  6. Don't forget to let the Windows Firewall access Hamachi to Internet. If you have a router, you may disable Windows Firewall because the router has own built-in firewall.
  7. To maximum the reduction of lags, you need to open ports in Router and in Hamachi. Launch Hamachi and go to Preferences (a little wheel right down corner and select Preferences) and in Status window, click on Detailed Configuration of Connection and under Connection through NAT input UDP & TCP ports (both identical, for example 17000) and then same ports unlock in your ROUTER if you have one. This will get your ports pretty tunnelled and direct connection to Hamachi and reduce lags (will give you a green star). It's important to open these ports both in Hamachi and in Router, cause if you set ports only in Hamachi and not in Router this won't give you a tunnel.
  8. Edit your Keeper.cfg file in notepad and set correct path for DK, otherwise you get red CD with "?".
  9. In Windows XP, click right button on Keepd3d.exe and Deepd3d.exe and select Properties and set Win98 compatible mode, otherwise the game will crash just after loading a map.
  10. Remember, you may mix Keeper95.exe with Keepd3d.exe, also Deeper95.exe with Deepd3d.exe, but can't mix Deeper95/d3d and Keeper95/d3d exe files when playing with friend (you wont see a host in game). But if you see any problems then try to use same version like your friend.
    Analogically, your friend must do all these things identically!
  11. Launch Hamachi, log in into any Hamachi network, launch game, click Mulitplayer game and IPX, then play.

Hamachi Networks

Keeper Klan Networks

  • DK1-Online-UK
    Password: DK1
  • KeeperKlan
    Manual approval

Dungeon-Keeper.net (French)

  • DK1-Server#1
    Password: DK
  • DK1-Server#2
    Password: DK
  • DK1-Server#3
    Password: DK


  • Sometimes in game chat letter Y and Z are switched. Use your Keyboard language settings and press left ALT + SHIFT to change Keyb language.
  • To talk in game, press ENTER.
  • To make an alliance, go to Information panel in game and click on enemy icon, it will start blinking, when enemy click on your icon too they will change colours to identical, this means you have an alliance.
  • AI is weak and stupid so its easy to beat it.
  • Keep drivers up to date
  • Use same EXE files.
  • If the ping is higher than 50 ms, don't expect to be able to play.